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Flowers delivery in Nepal

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Giftmandu delivers flowers in Nepal - 7 days a week for your every occasion and celebrations. Send flowers for birthday, anniversary, congratulations, get well wishes, thank you, sympathy, love & romance, wedding and corporate gifting.

Following fresh flowers are usually available for delivery inside Kathmandu valley throughout the year. Fresh flowers are also available for delivery to some outside Kathmandu locations including flowers to Pokhara, Dharan, Biratnagar, Butwal, Bhairahawa and Chitwan areas. However, we recommend to place flowers order to outside Kathmandu in advance.

Popular flowers gift to Nepal

Following are the most popular flowers gift to Nepal and their availability by seasons.

Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana, Indoor long lasting plant)

Bamboo indoor plant (also called lucky bamboo plant) is one of the most selling plants to buy for yourself or to gift to someone close to you. With minimum care, it can grow well in either water or soil for long period of time. Therefore, it is favorite plant for many to send as a gift. People love bamboo plants to keep in study room, bed room, living room or office room as they add color as well as freshness to a room.


Bamboo plants are usually available for delivery inside Kathmandu throughout the year.

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Carnations (Dianthus, Vase life: 14-21 days)

Carnation flowers are pretty and are available in various lovely colors. They have the longest vase life among other fresh cut flowers. Because they stay fresh longer than other flowers we recommend carnation flowers if you're looking to send flowers to outside Kathmandu.

Carnations are usually available throughout the year in Kathmandu and Pokhara.1588323047167.jpg

Daisy Gerbera (Vase life: 4-7 days)

Daisy gerbera flowers are delicate yet extremely beautiful flowers. They come in bright vibrant lovely colors. Even a single stick of daisy gerbera would make anybody's day. One would love to have this on office desk, or place it is sitting room or dining room at home. Daisy gerbera can be arranged in multiple ways - a handtied bouquet, a vase arrangment or arrange on a bamboo basket. 

Daisy Gerbera flowers are usually available in Kathmandu and Pokhara.


Lily (Vase life: 8-10 days)

Lilies are probably the most fragrant cut flowers. Lilies also make large size bouquet than other flowers. Lilies fragrance and bigger size are two of other reasons why lilies are popular flower choice when it comes to send flowers for birthday and anniversary to Nepal. Lilies are considered a bit more expensive flowers than others.

Lilies are usually always available during Fall Spring Winter in Kathmandu only. Lilies supplies get short during Summer (Jestha - Bhadra).

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Gladiolus (Vase life: 7-10 days)

Gladiolus is long stick flower which comes in several lovely colors. They are usually combined with other flowers including gerbera or roses to make flower bouquets. However, flower bouquet of Gladiolus flowers only would look equally beautiful. They have comparatively long vase life.

Gladiolus are usually available in Kathmandu and Pokhara with varied colors.1588323498994.jpg

Roses (Vase life: 4-7 days)

Roses are probably the most popular, the most selling and the most delivered flowers. They come in several beautiful colors which is why roses are the flower choice for all different occasions with color significance. Red roses for love, white roses for sympathy, yellow roses for friend and pink roses for appreciation. Choose any number of roses in your bouquet - popular ones are 6 roses, 10 roses, 12 roses, 24 roses, 30 roses, 50 roses and 100 roses.

Roses are usually available all seasons in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Biratnagar. Only red roses are usually available in Pokhara and Biratnagar, and multiple colors in Kathmandu.1588323397933.jpg

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Orchids (Vase life: 7-14 days)

Purple Thai orchids are usually available (and probably they are the only type available) as fresh cut orchid flowers to use in flower bouquet. They look pretty to make a bouquet of their own, or we can also mix Thai orchids with other flowers for special arrangement.

Orchids are usually available in Fall, Spring, and may not be avaiable during Winter.1588323654929.jpg

Godawari Flower (Fresh Up to 7 days)

Godawari flowers have religious significance for Hindu as they are used for Bhaitika garland. They are also used with other flowers on a basket arrangement. As they come in white and yellow, both colors are used on basket arrangement. Godawari is usually available in Fall (September - October - November) - festive season in Nepal.


Sayapatri (Marigold, Fresh Up to 7 days)

Sayapatri is another must flower used specially for Tihar festival in Nepal. They are used to prepare garland to worship cow, dog, decorate home windows and doors on Laxmi Puja, as well as prepare garland mala for brothers for Bhaitika celebrations. With big religious significance, sayapatri flowers are widely available during weeks leading to Tihar festival all over Nepal. Supari phool (Gomphrena globosa) - some call it makhmali phool - is equally important to prepare garland for brothers on Bhaitika.

Sayapatri and Supari/Makhmali mala garlands are available to order with Giftmandu for delivery on Bhaitika in Nepal.1588323964962.jpg

Filler flowers (Foliages)

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila) (Vase life: Up to 7 days)

Baby's breath or Gypsey are tiny white flowers usually used as fillers in flower bouquets. They look beautiful with roses. They look great with red roses.

Baby's breath flowers are usually available in Kathmandu only except when there's short supply during Summer.

Statice Flower (Vase life: 7-14 days)

Statice flowers are also used as filler in flower bouquet. These come in different colors and look pretty with other flowers in a handtied bunch or in a basket arrangement. They are usually available in Kathmandu only.

Alstroemeria (Vase life: 7-14 days)

Alstroemeria looks very much like lilies but is smaller in size, and no fragrance. They are often called Peruvian lily as well. They come in different colors with popular pink, red and orange. They are pretty to make a mix arrangement with other flowers.

Alstroemeria flowers are available during Fall Spring, and may not be available regularly during other season in Kathmandu.

We use seasonally available flowers to make variety of flower arrangements as a handtied flower bouquet, in a basket or a vase for delivery to your loved ones in Nepal.

Personalized letter alphabet flower basket

Personalize this flower basket with the 'first letter' of your recipient. To symbolize it as a gift from heart, we will use red rose to create letter, and use seasonally available flowers (e.g. white godawari used in this image) to decorate your customized flower basket. This special flower basket is available for delivery inside Kathmandu valley only at the moment.

This will certainly leave your recipient in a 'wow' moment.


Plants delivery in Nepal

We also deliver different types of natural plants inside Kathmandu. 

Succulent plants

The most popular ones to send as plant gifts are succulent plants. They come in variety of colors and shapes. Succulent plants can hold water in their fleshy leaves therefore requiring very minimum care. Succulent plants are beautiful decorative plants to keep in study room, loving room and office room.

Plants delivery by pre-inquiry

Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix Roebelenii)

This is an air-purifying plant which can be kept indoor with partial shade. It is easy to grow and maintain with periodic watering. This plant adds color to a room and also helps to clean air.

Due to seasonal availability, we recommend to check stock before placing an order for this plant.

Please remember Giftmandu for your all flowers gifts delivery in Nepal. We can deliver the sameday or the next day inside Kathmandu valley as per your requirement. Flower delivery online is also available in Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan and Chitwan.

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