Buy Sunscreen Lotion to Protect from the Sun online Nepal

Tips to protect your skin from the sun

Buy sunscreen online in Nepal. Proper measure to keep your skin from over exposure to the sun helps keep skin healthy. You can still enjoy summer outings with following tips.tips02.jpg

Avoid exposure to the sun during the high intensity hours

Avoid staying long in the sun between 10am - 3pm when the sun intensity is at the highest level. Minimize exposure by wearing sunglasses, hats, full sleeve clothing and good sunscreen lotion.


Use shades, hats and sunscreen

Proper use of shades, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen sun block lotion gives you shield against over exposure to the sun.

Apply sunscreen multiple times during the day

Pick good sunscreen cream/lotion and use multiple times a day to all opetips03.jpgn areas (face, neck, hands and legs). Apply 15-20 minutes before going out.

Cover as much as possible from the sun

Clothes are good protection. Wear clothes that cover as much as possible.