Online Grocery Shopping in Kathmandu with Giftmandu Pantry

We now deliver groceries and household supplies everyday inside Kathmandu valley.

Giftmandu introduces Giftmandu Pantry section to serve our local customers with their daily grocery shopping as well as our customers abroad to help them send pantry gifts to their families in Kathmandu valley.

Convenient online grocery shopping is even more inevitable during this pandemic to keep social distance, to keep you safe and to avoid going outside.

Giftmandu Pantry is all about getting the best deals on everyday grocery and pantry items with superb delivery service and customer care support. We currently carry hundreds of grocery items and will be extending our grocery aisles.

Top groceries:

Foodgrains for main meals:

Shop for rice, lentils, rahar daal, maas black daal, moong daal, atta, maida, all types of flours, cooking oils, spices to selection of fresh vegetables for daily delivery to your home. We currently deliver essential foodgrains and fresh vegetables inside Kathmandu valley only.

Breakfast Cereals:

Having cereals as breakfast is a healthy way to start your day. Start the day with your favorite breakfast cereal of your favorite brand including Kellogg’s, D’lite, Baggry’s. Cornflakes, oats, rolled oats, natural muesli, fruit muesli, sugar free cereals, and chocos for kids and many more breakfast cereals are available.

Tea, Coffee, Juice, Health Drink:

It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated during this pandemic. Now you can order your favorite beverage of tea, coffee or juice to have delivered to your home.

Dry Fruits & Nuts:

Dry Fruits & Nuts are rich with nutrients, which will ultimately help you to build strong immune.

Biscuits & Cookies:

Biscuits & Cookies are the snacks that everybody craves. They are healthy and suitable to eat anytime of the day. Explore varieties of cookies from our website.

Sugar Free:

It might be hard to get sugar free items from local shops. We are here to serve you and deliver the things which are lacking in your daily lives.

Sauce, Ketchup, Spreads:

If you want some unique flavors in your dishes, we have variety of sauce and spread to enrich the taste.


If you want something light to eat and control your diet, then soup is the best during this time.


We also have some wellness items available to help you check and monitor your health during this pandemic.

We are trying our best to serve you and keep you safe during this Pandemic.

Stay Safe and stay healthy.

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