Staying home is way to go, now. (Gift alternatives tips)

To make global fight against COVID-19 effective, we should all strictly follow the guidelines provided by our government and medical authorities – above all to stay home to stay safe.

During these uncertain times, connecting with your loved ones is even more important than ever before specially when they are living in another part of the world.

Get in touch with your loved ones more often if you’re away from home or country. Be familiarized with COVID-19 situation around you, stay safe yourself and help your distant loved ones to keep calm and stay safe. We will all sail through these difficult times together.

Here are some activities you can do yourself or send these activity gifts to your loved ones in Nepal to make our ‘stay-home’ time more productive:

Read more books:

Learning belongs to everyone regardless of the age and books are the only source through which people can learn about many things.

Books let us travel through various dimension without even lifting our feet.

You can read the books that you always wanted to, but did not have time to. You can also send ‘good-read’ books gifts to take your recipient on adventurous journey.

Book Gifts to Nepal

Watch your food:

We tend to eat more while staying home all day. Encourage yourself and your loved ones to eat healthy specially food that strengthen immune system. 

Learn new skills:

It is the perfect time to learn new skills, or hone your neglected skills. During this time encourage your loved ones too to give time to the things they neglected due to busy schedules.


Expose your children to new skills; make them realize that the world is larger than school books, TVs and mobile screens. Learning new skills is what makes people creative.

Play Guitar, Play Songs:

Music is medicine – be it a good time or a bad time. Play guitar or any other musical instruments you have at home. Play your favorite music. Create songs playlists and share with your distant loved ones.


Explore and try new recipe. Cook new food. Share the photo of food with your distant loved ones.

Gift alternatives during lockdown period

Even though gift deliveries are halted for now, we have a few ‘new and old-fashioned way’ suggestions to connect to your loved ones in Nepal.

  1. Create a song-playlist on Youtube, and share with your loved one in Nepal to keep cool during lockdown.
  2. Write a handwritten letter/message, take a snap and share. It may sound crazy, but the feeling receiving a handwritten note is simply beautiful. Try it.
  3. Explore old photos: Go through old family photos in your mobile, computer or photo albums, and share smiles.
  4. Send an eCard: There are many free ecard services available online. Some allow you to customize with your own design.
  5. Send an eBook: If you can share an ebook, this may be a lovely gift for your book-lover folks in Nepal.

Giftmandu is always here to connect you with your loved ones in Nepal. Our service might be limited right now, but we are doing everything we can to keep connecting people and their hopes and feelings.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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