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As temperature is getting icy chillier in Nepal, you can get a warm heater gift for your loved ones. Sameday fast delivery inside Kathmandu valley, and quick 2-3 delivery to most parts outside Kathmandu in Nepal.

Quartz Room Heater


It's features: 

1. Even heat distribution : Quartz infrared rays heat the objects directly. They provide steady heat evenly and consistently from whatever location they are placed. 

2. Quartz heaters are durable: Quartz heaters can last for many years. Even the maintenance required for this type of heater is less. 

3. Safe and secure : Quartz infrared heaters are safe in commercial and residential settings because they do not burn oxygen like other heaters do. Quartz infrared heaters use electricity as their heating source. For this reason, they do not release toxic gases and are environmentally friendly. 

4. Area coverage: It is suitable for Small and cozy place/rooms. 

5. Safety and Precautions: Quartz heaters should be situated at least 3ft away from walls, furniture and other objects to avoid hazards 

Fan Heater


It's features: 

1. How it Operates : They work by blowing warmed air into a room. Oftentimes units have a ceramic heating element - ceramic plates and aluminum baffles - which get heated as electricity passes through. A fan blows the generated heat outwards. 

2. Safe to Use : These ceramic heaters are a safe way to heat your home, being the top choice for consumers when looking for safety. This is because the heating element doesn't get nearly as hot as other types.   

3. Portability : One of the greatest advantages of a fan-forced heater is their portability. You can carry these compact units from room to room and enjoy customised heating anywhere! 

Halogen Heater


It's features : 

1. Energy saving : Halogen heaters provide heat almost instantly and the radiant heat released by the heaters effectively heats a small area, and this greatly reduces the amount of energy the heaters consume. 

2. Environmentally friendly : Halogen lamps do not release smoke so there are no carbon monoxide emissions released from the heaters.

3. Safety : The halogen lamps themselves do not actually heat up so they are considered safe in most environments.

4. Easy installation : Many halogen heaters are easier to install than many alternate heating methods.

Wall Heater


It's features :

1. Design : They are designed purely to heat the air in any room. They would make a great addition to any guest room or office as they are designed to heat smaller spaces that only need occasional heating. So, if you’re searching for a fast and effective heating solution, look no further than our wall panel heaters.

2. Installation : Wall panel heaters are quick and easy to install as most come with a plug and brackets so that you can fit the heater yourself. 

3. Keeps You Warm For Hours : Another great benefit, is that the heat from wall heater typically lasts for hours, even after the unit has been turned off. If it doesn’t, then you may want to check out how much insulation your home has or if there’s any drafty windows or doors.

Gas Heater


It's features :

1. Cost effective : Natural gas is, in most states, far less expensive than electricity. The initial cost involved in buying a gas heater may be higher but the lower running costs will save you money in the long term.

2. Cleaner burning : Unlike wood or coal fires, natural gas doesn’t leave behind smoke, ash or odours. Because of this, gas heaters tend to have a longer operational life and require less maintenance than other types of heater.

3. Instant heat : One of the greatest benefits of natural gas is its potential for instant heat. As soon as a heater or heating system is turned on the ignitor is lit and heat begins to flow into your home.

We also have another following variant of both Gas & Electric heater.

Oil Heater


It's features : 

1. Energy efficient : Unlike other types of heaters, the entirety of the power used to run an oil-filled space heater is converted into heat.

2. Comfortable : They don’t dry out the ambient air in a room like other heating systems do. Oil-filled space heaters also make virtually no noise when running.

3. Retain heat well : Because it takes a while for the oil to cool, they continue to warm up a room even after they’re turned off.

Other Heaters to consider:

Pillar Heater

PTC Wall Heater

Blower Heater

Find the best heater for your home or office rooms:


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