Free Gift on Early Mother's Day Delivery

Conditions for free gift:

  • Place your Mother's Day gift order today
  • Select next-day delivery date (valid until April 28,2021 only)
  • Use promo code 'MD3GIFT' on checkout page
  • You will get US$3 off plus we will add a complimentary gift as per order total range table below

Why early delivery? New lockdown is starting from Thursday April 29th. Our delivery will be uncertainly affected (or even closed) once lockdown starts.

As safety alert, we recommend our customers to choose early delivery for this year's Mother's Day. We will add additional complimentary gift (as per order value range below) to make your Mother's Day celebration order even more valuable.

Early delivery with free gift

Order Value RangeFree Gift
Upto USD45Summer Chunni Shawl
Between USD45.01 - USD852.5 inches Ganesh Ji Statue
Between USD85.01 - USD125Miniature bebe sheer EDP perfume 10ml
Between USD125.01 - USD2005g Silver Coin
Above USD200.0110g Silver Coin

Please note:

  • This offer is valid only for Mother's Day occasion gifts for next-day delivery until April 28, 2021.
  • This offer is not valid for any delivery after April 28, 2021.

Plus no Delivery Fee

Get free shipping on your Mother's Day order of USD$45+ inside KTM Valley.

Free Delivery Code: MD3GIFT

Happy Mother's Day. Stay safe.