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Buy fan online in Nepal. Beat the heat with these easy-to-use fans for home and office. Choose from pedestal fans (stand fans), wall fans, table fans and ceiling fans for delivery in Kathmandu and in major cities in Nepal.Baltra-stand-fan-Rover.jpg

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These fans come with 12 months of manufacturer's warranty. If anything happens with the product, you are covered.


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Baltra Fan Online Shop 

You can order all Baltra fan models online for delivery to your home. All fans come with Baltra's one year warranty. Baltra fans have excellent customer reviews for design, durability and affordability.

Fans with remote or no-remote control

Stand fan: We have stand fans with both non-remote or remote control. If you're looking for stand fans with remote control, Baltra Blizzard and Baltra Oscar are two bestsellers. Both fan models are robust built with metal blades, 16" oscillation fans, timer feature, and 3 speed control.

Wall fan: If you're looking for a wall fan for home or office use, Baltra Cute+ comes with remote control with many features and Baltra Blast is a non-remote model. They are easy to install, compact works perfect for home and office rooms.

Table fan: Baltra Rio is our bestseller from table fan category. It's design and features make it to the top of the table fan category.

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If you're looking to send summer gift to your family in Nepal, fan and cooler would make a lovely gift. We deliver fans to major cities inside Nepal. Most fans are available for sameday delivery inside Kathmandu valley and 3-5 days delivery to outside Kathmandu locations.