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Room Heaters

Buy heater online in Nepal. Find all types of room heater, fan heater, halogen heater, gas and electric heater online for fast home delivery in Nepal. These are portable room heaters that come with one year manufacturer's warranty.

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Of course the chill of winter is lovely after hot summer days. However, only the thoughts of cold water, cool breeze in the morning & evening makes us hard to enjoy this season. So at times like this the heaters comes as the blessing in disguise, making it easier for us to use the ice cold water and to enjoy the chilly weather conveniently throughout the winter.

Room heater, fan heater, halogen heater, gas and electric heater are available to send as gifts to your family, friends & relatives in Nepal. Giftmandu offers a wide variety of heaters with substantial amount of choices from the renowned home appliances brands. Giftmandu offers a variety of heaters that can handle multiple needs of the consumers.

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Giftmandu is the online store where you can buy/send heaters to your dear ones in Nepal from any part of the world and we'll make sure that your gifts are happily delivered to your recipient's doorstep. Giftmandu offers the best Baltra heater price in Nepal.

Room heaters are those convenient appliances that provide focused and localized heat which is particularly suitable in a room for people. They consume gas or electricity to produce heat to the surroundings.

Fan Heater Online In Nepal

We want our house/ room to be warmer than the outside temperature. Hence, for a quick blast of warmth, or for more directional heating, use of Fan heaters are better. These heaters work quickly and are useful if you want to warm up only part of a room for a short period. Giftmandu offers you attractive Baltra Fan Heaters at best price in Nepal.

Halogen Heater Online In Nepal

The heating lamp and bulb of Halogen heaters contains the halogen element within them that generates high levels of heat. So they are usually used in outdoor heating as well as indoor. We offer you the best Baltra Halogen Heater price in Nepal.

Advantages of Halogen Heater:

  • Energy saving
  • Environment friendly
  • Safe
  • Do not release smoke
  • No carbon monoxide emissions released from the heaters