Mala for Bhaitika

Mala for Bhaitika

Garland Mala for Bhaitika Celebrations

Fresh sayapatri and makhamali garlands mala are available for delivery on Bhaitika in major cities in Nepal. Order these garlands mala along with gifts that your brothers love for Bhaitika in Nepal. Order today for guaranteed timely delivery in Nepal.

Mala for Bhaitika Tihar Gifts to Nepal 2020


Sayapatri Mala:

Tihar is the festival of lights, beauty, happiness and prosperity. People decorate their houses with Sayapatri (marigold) flowers on this occasion. However, decorating houses with sayapatri flowers has its own significance, both scientific and spiritual.

Scientific significance of Sayapatri:

Marigold has  anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-cancer properties. It is a rich source of vitamin- C, antioxidants and antibiotics. And its fragrance keeps mosquitoes, bugs and other insects away.

It is also used in Ayurveda to treat ear infections since it has antiseptic properties.

Spiritual significance on Bhaitika Celebrations:

Sayapatri flowers are called the "Herb of the Sun", the distinctive fragrance of sayapatri helps to ward-off stress & negative thoughts and improve one's mood .

Marigold (sthulapushpa in Sanskirit) has a stout stalk, which symbolizes the trust in the divine. Its saffron colour is known to be the symbol of surrendering to god.

According to the Hindu myth, Yamraaj - the god of death, once went to meet his sister Yamuna. She welcomed her brother with decoration, delicious food, and put the garland of makhamali and sayapatri flowers and blessed him with Tika on his forehead. Yamraaj was very happy and he blessed that whoever puts Tika and garland on that day will surpass death. Since then, these flowers have become an integral part of Hindu culture.


Makhamali Mala:

Garland of Makhamali (supari) flower is one of the most essential items for Bhai Tika which is used only during this very day along with Dubo (a type of grass). Makhamali doesn't fade away and Dubo doesn't wither easily for a long time, they are used in this festival. Sisters prepare garlands with makhamali flowers wishing for prosperity and long life to their brothers. These garlands also signify the bonding between brothers & sisters.

Find the best garlands mala of Sayapatri & Makhamali (Supari) flowers for your brother on Bhaitika delivery in Nepal.

Mark your calendar:

Dhanteras (धनतेरस): Nov 13, 2020
Kaag Tihar: Nov 13, 2020
Kukur Tihar: Nov 14, 2020

Laxmi Puja: Nov 14, 2020
Mhah Puja: Nov 15, 2020
Bhai-Tika/ Kija Puja: Nov 16, 2020