Delivery during lockdown period

We're delivering essentials within limited areas inside KTM valley

As we all are going through unprecedented moments with the most uncertainties and anxeities of our lifetimes, let's keep our hope strong for brighter days ahead. This should go away, and will go away so everyone of us will get back to friends & family, to our community and to our normal daily lives.

Let's be kind and responsible to do our parts. Businesses will soon reopen. People will start going back to work. Kids will go to schools. We will go out to eat to our favorite restaurants. We will hang out with friends and family. People will enjoy going to the local parks. Will start travelling again. Will fix plumbing and electricity issues of our homes. Will buy new mobile and gadgets. Will go shopping without wearing masks and gloves. Will get a nice hair-cut at favorite salon. Will celebrate festivals with friends and family wholeheartedly. All of these little things that we may have taken for granted for a long time before will come back and bring joys to us soon. We're hopeful.

For now, to keep connecting with your friends and family in Nepal, we are delivering your 'gifts of essentials' - food hampers, personal care products, baby care and food, wellness products, household supplies and grocery - during lockdown in Kathmandu valley.

As we are operating with extremely limited resources during lockdown period, delivery of essentials is available as below:

Delivery availability & terms:

  1. Preferred Delivery Date is not available during lockdown period. Order will be processed and delivered earliest possible once order is received (1-3 days).
  2. Sameday delivery is not available.
  3. Telephone support will not be available as we are minimally staffed. We ask to contact us via text based support - fb messenger, viber, WhatsApp or email.
  4. Delivery will be available in and around Kathmandu ringroad only.


Safety is our utmost priority. Orders are prepared in our clean premises. Delivery bags are kept in safe delivery boxes and handled carefully. Deliveries are dispatched directly from our office to your recipient's location. All deliveries are done by a delivery van (no motorbikes). Our delivery staff are aware, well informed and trained to keep safety 'on watch' all the time. They wear face masks, disposable gloves throughout the delivery. They use sanitizers frequently to keep their hands clean. 

We do contactless delivery by keeping at least one meter distance, and not requiring delivery signature. 

Latest update on delivery availability:

Delivery available in following areas only

Kathmandu areaLalitpur area
All inside Ring Road, plus

Balkumari upto Koteshwor
Airport - Sinamangal
Gaushala - Chabahil - Boudha - Jorpati
Maharajganj - Bansbari
Hattigauda - Budanilkantha
Basundhara - Dhapasi
Samakhusi - Tokha
Gongabu - Baniyatar
Balaju - Manamaiju - Nepaltar
Sitapaila - Syuchatar
Swoyambhu - Sano/Thulo Bharyang
Kalanki (No beyond Kalanki)
Balkhu upto Kirtipur

All inside Ring Road, plus

Ekantakuna - Bagdol
Nakkhu - Bhaisepati
Kusunti - Thasikhel
Nakhipot - Dholahity - Chapagaon
Satdobato - Khumaltar
Hattiban - Harisiddhi
Thaiba - Godabari
Gwarko - Imadole - Lubhu
Balkumari - Narephat

Delivery/products availability update

Jul 11, 2020 
*Resumed delivery to outside KTM locations (Dharan, Biratnagar, Jhapa, Pokhara, Butwal, Bhairahawa) 
We've now resumed delivery to some locations outside Kathmandu valley including Dharan, Itahari, Jhapa, Biratnagar, Pokhara, Butwal and Bhairahawa with expected 3-5 days expected delivery. Airports are still closed. Orders are shipped via ground cargo at the moment.

Jun 14, 2020 
*Flowers available now 
There's a little ease on lockdown starting Friday Jun 12th. Shops are allowed to open. Vehicles are allowed with even/odd number plates.

Flowers are now back and available for delivery inside Kathmandu valley -

May 24, 2020 
*Growing heat and hair 
Heat: As weather temperature is getting warmer, we have now cooling fans available for delivery inside Kathmandu valley -

Hair: We haven't had a chance to go to hair salons for a couple of months already. Why not learn and try at home? Order your hair trimmer/cutter - 

May 23, 2020 
*Cakes and flowers temporarily not available 
Freshly prepared food products including cakes as well as fresh flowers are not available for delivery during lockdown period.

All food products listed here are available -

We are prioritizing essential delivery only at the moment.

May 21, 2020
*Delivery exclusion

Limited access to following areas inside Kathmandu valley and hence delivery is not available to these areas at the moment.

Bhaktapur (Last stop is Koteshwor)
Chandragiri areas (Last stop is Kalanki)

May 10, 2020
*Resumed delivery for essential items inside Kathmandu valley
Resumed delivery for inside Kathmandu valley for essential items (after lockdown closure since March 24th, 2020)

Since long route cargo transportation is not open, delivery to outside Kathmandu locations is currently closed.

Outside KTM delivery: closed 
Stay home. Stay safe.